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What to Do When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies it is a turbulent time. We find that providing a client with a list of items that may need addressing relieves some of the stress because it provides some structure as to how to handle their affairs. 

Marcia - Trust Administration

"Andrea helped us to understand the trust process and how to handle our parent estate. We couldn't have done it without her expertise."

Gary - Estate Planning

"Andrea was very helpful to us to design an estate plan and a new revocable living trust that updated our decade old family Trust and so many associated documents. Her Elder Law expertise added additional provisions to protect us in the case of any medical issues." 

Armida - Trust Administation

"I felt fortunate to have Andrea Gherini process my Trust. She's very efficient, gets the job done, and, equally as important, has an easy manner about her. And, of course, ditto her staff!"

Alison - Estate Planning

"Andrea has counseled me wisely and developed a thoughtful trust account for my family. She also assisted me in successfully dealing with a complex deed ownership dilemma in Costa Rica. I am very confident in her professionalism, ethics and empathy for her clients, and would highly recommend her."

Stephanie - Estate Planning

"Andrea and her team did a great job of helping us update our trust and create an estate planning portfolio. We don't live in southern California, but wanted to have Andrea do our trust because she lives near our daughter, who is the executrix of our trust. That put an extra burden on her office, but they handled it well, and we are happy with the end product."

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