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Elder Law


Elder law is the focus of attention on the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities, whether the needs  be medical, financial, residential, or familial relationships.


As an attorney who specializes in elder law,  our  practice is focused on providing services and resources to seniors, those with disabilities, and the families who care for them.    Elder law attorneys educate ourselves about the availability of services for the elderly and those with disabilities,  how the law affects our clients and their families, what unique needs our clients have, and how aging or disabilities brings mental and physical difficulties that people without such challenges do not face.  Understanding these needs, listening with care and compassion, focusing on the concerns of the client and their health issues, and providing the help needed is our goal. Family members may not understand how an elderly parent or relative with a disability may need assistance. A knowledgeable attorney, one who specializes in elder law, can be a great help to seniors, those with disabilities and their families.


Estate planning attorneys, who are also elder law attorneys, focus not only on the assets of the client, but also their health, their potential need of nursing home care, their maintenance of government health benefits, and what options there are available to the client.  All aspects of planning, counseling, educating, advocating for and advising clients are provided by our office.


Our staff is informed and educated about elder law, and maintains connections with local networks of professionals who also provide services to the elderly and those with disabilities.  Some of the areas that we are able to assist with are:

  • Financial planning, housing, income, estate and gift tax matters, which may include Medi-Cal or Veterans benefits;

  • Providing documents that assist in health and personal care such as powers of attorney, HIPAA Releases, conservator nominations and Wills.

  • Providing documents for asset protection.

  • Assisting a well spouse to provide for an ill spouse (long term care, asset protection, public benefits, insurance, etc.)

  • Capacity and conservatorship avoidance.

  • Fiduciary assistance.


Andrea Gherini is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and practices elder law in San Diego County.    Call her today with your questions and concerns.  Or send us an email by clicking  “Contact Us” in the menu bar above.


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